Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Maths on War Commander Units Stats

My Maths on War Commander Units Stats

How do I determine the value of a War Commander Unit? Only by statistics? No, more than metrics, it is personal experience that determines the qualities of a unit. And everyone has his personal way of playing and then his opinion, depending on many personal factors and preferences. So I will only focus here on unquestionable maths and not on discussions or preferences. Then each can makes his choice with those given data.

In order to determine the maths qualities of a unit, I watch all statistics data given for Non-Customized Units where DPS is Damage Per Second, not per shot. I keep the
and I derive 4 personal metrics from the ones given by Kixeye :
DPS/Space and
Total Upgrade Time (TUT)

TUT adds all times needed to reach a unit level except the ones needed to build all buildings and/or other units needed to build that unit up to this level. So, as an indication of the prerequisite, I include the
Building Level (BLDG LVL)

Health/Space and DPS/Space are derived because Health and DPS have barely no meaning alone in my opinion if they are not compared to the amount of Space a unit occupies in a platoon or to defend the base. Maths proves it. The sudden appearance of Elite Riflemen proved it harshly. Their DPS/Space is quite higher than many other units with much higher absolute DPS or Health and that's how these little Riflemen could and can wipe out full fleet of helicopters Cobra level 10 or platoons of other apparently stronger vehicles.

I derived a 4th personal metric that is less relevant but that combines Range with all other metrics in a single big equation and result : Health x Range x DPS/Space /1000 =
HRDPS becomes a usefull indicator revealing overall values and advantages of a unit when you are torn between similar ratios but antagonistic in Health vs. DPS.

Finally, so far, I chose to not include Repair Time here. First because it's still way too complicated to compute and then because its importance is ultimately your choice depending on how intensive you play. I personally find it essential if you play continuously but much less if you can just play an hour or two every 6 or 8 or 24 or more or if you coin. That leaves time to repair and come back.

Thorium or no Thorium?
That is the question. The highest possible stats with and without thorium are highlighted in yellow and they are the ones to watch and aim for.

So here is one sample of the dirty secret in War Commander Units stats I will share with you :