Saturday, October 5, 2013

Best Anti-Air Defense Unit to defend your base (Part I) : Stinger or Flak Tank ?

What are the best units to defend your base against Air Attack ?
Which unit to chose and upgrade with your hard earned events XPs?

(Part I) : Flak Tank or Stinger ?
Unit / Space / Speed
Flak Tank / 100 / 0,9
Stinger / 50 / 1,2

Why them only? Why not include Gatling Trucks, Hercules or Humvees?

First, because you and I have Event XPs to spend on a deadline in a hurry before we lose them and we wonder about the difference between Flak Tank (10000 XP) and Stinger (9500 XP).
Then, because Flak Tank and Stinger are of those rare units to have the SPLASH effect against air while the others don't and another article will come soon about their choice. Elite Heavy Gunners customized in the Workshop can have that splash effect too but I'll investigate later cause I'm guessing it's not as strong and would take much more valuable space.
SPLASH means they shoot at one target and hit all the others around. That is much deadlier. While Elite Riflemen in Watchtowers are damn impressive despite their supposedly poor effect on air, they only shoot at one aircraft at a time and seem to do damage to that one only while the others still shoot at the tower and ultimately get it down. So, against a fleet of aircrafts, the SPLASH effect is much more effective cause ALL aircrafts are damaged by one single shot of the Stinger or Flak Tank while only one aircraft until dead before the other is hit by non splash defending units like Elite Riflemen.

Now which is really more worth than the other? And why the question?
Cause they are both events prizes and the Flak tank being more expensive than the Stinger, you might think it's a better option. Well, think twice! And read below. Because my maths show the contrary. Stinger seems to be at least twice better than the Flak tank when defending base.

Below are the maths. Watch the red encircled cells.
You can read My Maths on War Commander Units Stats to understand how I determine the qualities of a Unit and the metrics and formulas used here, what exactly are Health/Space, DPS/Space, Total Upgrade Time (TUT) and HRDPS.

- They are twice more deadly (DPS/space). In Watchtowers, they are 2.5 deadlier than Flak Tanks and range 510 when Flak Tanks range 432-468. That's a huge difference. Even in strongholds with 0% DPS against air, they still are twice deadlier in DPS but range only 340 vs 432-468. so it's not their best spot. But they become so much more protected.
- They cost less (only 500XP ok, but yet)
- They are infantry and you will need to upgrade a lot more vehicles and aircrafts (in Tech Center) than infantry (in Academy). A lot lot more. So you need infantry prizes to upgrade.
- They have twice less Health/Space (=defense) but that is the total opposite and thus a non issue when placed in any type of bunker where they always belong.
- They move 30% faster than tanks. They are not to move much but just in case.
- It takes both more than a whole month to reach a decent level (9) before thorium need. That is way too long. But another reason to chose the infantry unit over the vehicle one. Cause your Academy is much less needed to upgrade it than your Tech Center. The upgrade delay for both favors the Stinger again.

GO FOR THE STINGER!! Forget the Flak Tank until much later.

Please feel free to comment below and argue with your experience and constructive criticisms. I even opened commenting to anonymous :) No comments means they all agree. And this post has been read by many 33+ I know. Thanks for reading guys :)

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