Monday, May 19, 2014

Operation: Cerberus! Prizes

Operation: Cerberus! 

Brings a whole new Boss Mega Fortress experience for players as well as a new air unit called the Banshee.



Play through the event waves and give us your feedback on the New Fortress Compounds. These epic bases span 3 hexes and yield great rewards! Can you rise to the challenge? 

Each hex is a separate base, but all 3 must be completed to earn XP, and are considered a single “wave”.

Fortress Compounds will consist of 1 main base and two smaller satellite bases.

You must destroy the satellite base to unbubble the main base.

If you destroy both of the satellite bases within 15 minutes of starting their first attack on the bases, you will earn bonus XP, payed out once you complete the entire Fortress Compounds wave.

If you do not complete all 3 bases within 2 hours after the first attack on a satellite, these bases will reset back to full health,

You will lose any potential bonus you have earned, but you will be able to attempt the bonus objectives again.


Using XP earned from the event you will be able to unlock the Banshee. 

  • The Banshee is a non-unique air unit that is more powerful than any before it!
  • The Banshee can fire at ground units, aircraft, and missiles.
  • Fires bullets as primary attack.
  • Once you’ve earned the schematic, it can be customized to gain a missile volley similar to that of the Elite Warhawk’s.
  • Range equal to that of a customized Warhawk.
  • Far greater stats than the Warhawk or Hellstorm.
  • Fast turn and movement speed.


Unlocked as a wave prize the Banshee Schematic allows you to customize your Banshees in several different configurations: 

Banshee Frame
  • Improved Aerial Armor - Reduces damage from aircraft
  • Anti-Flak Reinforcement - Reduces damage from flak
  • Banshee Wingman (Epic Tech) - Adds two drones, increases damage dealt

  • Reinforced Rotors - Reduces Flak damage taken, increases speed
  • Hardened Rotors - Reduces damage taken from aircraft, increases speed
  • Titanium Lined Rotors - Reduces damage taken from stingers, increases speed

Banshee Pilot
  • Flying Ace: Increases damage dealt to all
  • Dog Fighter - Reduces damage taken from all

Mounted Guns
  • Demolition Rounds - Increases damage vs. buildings
  • Armor Piercing Rounds - Increases damage vs. vehicles
  • Rapid Fire Rounds - Increases fire rate
  • Works on missiles if they’re applied as well

Tactical Missiles

  • Cryo Missiles - Adds missile volley, missile volleys apply Cryo effect on the ground
  • Napalm Missiles - Adds missile volley, missiles apply Napalm effect on the ground
  • Corrosive Missiles - Adds missile volley, missiles apply Corrosion effect
  • Peacekeeper Warheads (Epic Tech) - Adds volley of Peacekeepers, increases damage


Two new Epic Techs for the Mortar Team and Hercules: 

  • Devastator Barrel (Mortar Barrel Slot) - Greatly increases damage dealt to all targets and reduces reload time
  • Guardian Plating (Hercules Armor Slot) - Reduces damage taken from all


If you are up for the challenge you can earn a new decorative building to put in your base by getting to Wave 151 in the event.

This building is invincible and untargetable. You can also place it outside of your normal base building area. If you scrap it, you can rebuild it. Attacking players do no not need this item to be destroyed to 100% destroy your base