Friday, November 8, 2013

Cobra or Warhawks or Hellfires? Hellstorm, Laser Tanks...

Replied to a question in this thread about the Cobras. Sharing here.

Hi, I need some counsel.  I've got level 12 cobras and level 7 EHFs.   EHF is great, but i grow a beard by the time they are in place + they can be vulnerable even w cobras present.   My question is this:  I've got 25K points on the current event.   I'm thinking of Hellstorm, or i can buy a few other things -- Warkawk (but that seems somewhat redundant with cobras) or elete laser tank to compliment my ground (EHF +  level 8 hercs + lvl8 paladins).  FYI -- Im level 28 but really still a nube.  Any advice from the experts?

My answer:
Despite all the wuss from many here and around who just look at bare stats without weighting them to others, HS can often be useless alone cause their missiles get destroyed before they ever hit anything. Add them to HF yes maybe sometimes but very rare. HF are very slow, very weak health, and take ages to use and upgrade and repair. takes 30 minutes to fully use them on a base!! I have lvl 10-11 of all and switched back to all Cobra+Havoc or Cobra+2HS and EMT. I really only found the HS+EHF very useful in a wave 34 of last event against the yellow clowns. it was the only way to pass the wave and the only time they all were truly necessary. razorbacks were much more fun cause they stayed out of range at some level (15-25). around 29 and up, all is red (Lvl5) and your HF are always in range of something so you need a tank to protect and then their use still is slow but sometimes fun if you like to use the splash effect. just way too long. I prefer to waste a toon of EMT and move on with my life.

Laser Tanks are good for base defense against Elite Mega Tanks because of their higher range (400/390) except for their gun trail that makes them easy to spot.

Warhawks/Elite are indeed redundant with Cobra with same range (360) but have much weaker, almost half, Health/Space (17 vs. 36 @Lvl13) but their speed of 2.2 vs 1.6 can be very helping. I don't know, I chose to never take them because of these facts and cause I needed other stuff before.